An image of an IDEAS Information Officer in a blue shirt working on a computer. She wears a headset.

Our Information and Content Officers have been hard at work taking your calls, answering your questions and researching the information that you need! As a result, we have combined all our brainpower and come up with our top 10 most asked questions relating to COVID-19 to help you unblur those lines:

Woman using a wheelchair being shown a cuddly toy by her daughter

The COVID rules are different in every state. And they will keep changing. The rules cover things like work, going out, meeting people, school, cafes, clubs and travel. It is hard to say what they mean for each person with a disability. Some people with a disability have health reasons that mean if they got COVID-19 they would be very unwell. 

A boy in school uniform is walking though a corridor smiling.

The disruption to routine, changes to the way children are learning from home, and changes overall from COVID-19 have been a rough ride for most. For some parents educators, and carers, the next hurdle will be how to cope moving forward, as children return to the school space.

Image of wooden blocks spelling out the word Ombudsman.

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) has announced extra support with urgent complaints about telecommunications. This support is for vulnerable and at-risk residential consumers and small businesses in response to COVID-19.