Senior woman working in her garden

Emerging from a cold dreary winter into the warmth of spring days entices people to think of their garden and what might be good to occupy the longer spring and summer days. 

A mature Aboriginal couple sit at a table. In front of them is a laptop, they are both smiling/ laughing at something on the screen. A cup of sits to the left of the woman.

If you are looking for easy ways to share about Coronavirus (COVID-19) with your mob, there are resources to help you. Animated videos, Auslan Video, official posters, brochures and downloads can help you share the message to stay safe.

Man in wheelchair next to a sign that says covid normal

The Victorian Government has shared the latest 'Roadmap' on how it will reopen and take steps towards COVID-19 normal.

A portion of the world map with Australia in Pink

This article originally appeared in "The Conversation". Key restrictions by State and territory in Australia regarding COVID-19 as at 2 September 2020. IDEAS has added a read speaker accessible version of the restriction information.