Medical clipboard

Sophie Cotsis, the Member for Canterbury, and staff at her electorate office have compiled a list of support services relevant to the Canterbury area of Sydney, although some are suitable for a wider field. While comprehensive, there may be omissions and if so, she would like to be alerted to these so that they may be added to a future list. 

Woman using hand sanitiser

Nothing beats good old-fashioned hand washing as a way to avoid the spread of infections and diseases. With the current situation of Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is more important than ever to practice good personal hygiene. However, if soap and water aren't available then a hand sanitiser may be the next best thing. 

Community Recovery Hotline 1800 173 349

There is a special phone line for Queenslanders who are in coronavirus home quarantine and are needing food, medicines or advice and information.

Gloved hand holding a syringe

Government-funded influenza vaccines have been available to providers from mid April 2020.
It is recommended that people get their flu shot now.