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The COVID rules are different in every state. And they will keep changing. The rules cover things like work, going out, meeting people, school, cafes, clubs and travel. It is hard to say what they mean for each person with a disability. Some people with a disability have health reasons that mean if they got COVID-19 they would be very unwell. 

They might have a chronic condition or their immune system is weak.
To stay safe it may be best to stay home for longer.

For other people with a disability who do not have health issues, they can follow the rules for their area.

Your doctor is the best person to talk to about your health needs.

What information is in this blog?

Keeping Safe
Disability Support Services
If you are staying home for longer

Things everyone needs to do to keep safe

  • Staying home unless absolutely necessary
  • Working from home, if you can
  • Using phones for meetings
  • Stop handshaking
  • Tap to pay instead of using cash, if you can
  • Stay two arms' lengths away from others
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds
  • Exercise away from others


If you have any symptoms it is best to get tested.
Symptoms of COVID-19 are:

Disability Support Services   

Your service needs to let you know about any changes to your support.
You can ask questions at any time about your support and any changes.

You and your support staff still need to practice good hygiene.
Services have been given guidelines about doing this well.

If you are not happy about how they are doing things, it is ok to say so.
You can also speak to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
You can also speak to an Advocate.


The NDIS has changed some rules about how you can use your funds. It means that some things may be able to be done differently.
Find out more the NDIS changes here.

If you are staying at home for longer

There are some things you can do to keep well.

Stay connected to people

Use telehealth for appointments where you are able

  • for doctors or specialists appointments
  • for speech therapy, psychology or other therapy
  • bulk billing will be in place till September 30 for some of these items
  • Find out more about telehealth here.

Look after your mental health

Get shopping and medications delivered

Exercise safely and eat well

  • 30 minutes of exercise every day is good
  • try to eat healthy food
  • more ideas on healthy living here.


More Information
Find out more by going to Start here - COVID-19 Information.

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