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A week to raise awareness of the needs of people with spinal cord injuries. It is an initiative of the Australian Spinal Injury Alliance, which represents a number of Australia’s largest spinal cord injury support organisations.

Some of these organisations are listed below:

AQA Qualcare 
SPIRE Spinal Injury Resource and Support Network 
Independence Australia 
Spinal Life Australia 
ParaQuad NSW 
ParaQuad Tas 
Spinal Cord Injuries Australia
PQSA Paraquad South Australia 

The PQSA focus for 2020 is Slips, Trips and Falls Awareness and Prevention, to highlight to more people in the community the hazards around the home which can cause Spinal Cord Injury. They have prepared an information sheet, which provides some useful hints and tips about making your home safer.

This can be read here Slips, Trips and Falls Awareness and Prevention

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Theme for 2020

The theme for 2020 is ‘NDIS – Planning for Success’ to help highlight the various spinal cord injury associations and shine the spotlight on the expertise they provide. It also works towards assisting the disability community to prepare for positive and successful NDIS plans.

According to facts provided on the Spinal Injury Alliance website,

more than 15,000 Australians are living with a spinal cord injury.

This week aligns with World Spinal Cord Injury Day, which is on Saturday 5 September. This is an initiative of the International Spinal Cord Society and helps to increase awareness of injury prevention and an inclusive life for people with spinal cord injury. The theme for this year is ‘COVID-19 and SCI: Staying well’

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented time for all, with or without disability.  Persons with spinal cord injury are more vulnerable than others and were left to fear severe complications and poor disease outcome.  When confronted with protective measures and lockdown, the physical, psychological and social needs of those persons in a wheelchair cannot be overstated.

How can IDEAS help?

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Australian Spinal Injury Alliance

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