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International Day of People with a Disability (IDPWD) is held every year on December 3rd, but does it still matter?

Like us, if you have a disability, employ people with a disability and have lots of friends, colleagues or family members with a disability, you get to see every day the contributions people with a disability make. It's a given that people with a disability will work, be in leadership positions, travel (well COVID aside), play sport, have families, study and just get on with life.

But sadly, it's not like that everywhere. We also see first hand the number of barriers and discrimination that still exists that denies the community the chance to benefit from all that people with a disability have to offer. So IDPWD can be a great day to get more people on board with building a more inclusive and accessible world. Educating people about what they can do as business owners, employers, neighbours, teachers, politicians and community members.

There are plenty of ways to be an ally, and the benefits can be far-reaching for all - who doesn't need accessible information or easier tech solutions?  A good place for people to start is by listening to the voices of people with a disability.

IDPWD is of course also a chance to showcase some of the wonderful things achieved by people with a disability. The Disability Leadership Institute is hosting the National Disability Leadership Awards on December 3rd at 1 pm. Tune in to see some of Australia's finest leaders.

This year's IDPWD theme is “Building Back Better: toward a disability-inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 World”. The pandemic caused much disruption to how we lived, but there is an opportunity to turn some of these into a positive - there's some optimism that accommodations made as an interim measure could have a much larger impact if continued.  Read more in Can Good Things come from COVID-19?  Plus Physical Disability Council tackles the subject in an online panel with the Disability Discrimination Commissioner, advocates and the NSW Disability Minister. It's on December 3 at 1 pm. 

Take Part

There are as always many events happening around the country, with many switching to online mode, opening them up to even more people. 

ABC TV has made a great range of content, by people with a disability, again providing the chance for those not part of the disability community to learn more.

There's How to talk to kids about disability with Kiruna Stamwell, Terrible Palsy is a comedy series looking at just how accessible are for people with a disability and journalist Nas Campenlla reflects on how a shocking encounter on a train confirmed to her just why IDPWD is still needed.

IDEAS encourages you to share stories, news, art, comedy, resources, writing and content that is produced by people with a disability. But every day, not just IDPWD!

For us, working towards a more inclusive world is what we do every day.
Making sure that everyone has the information and support that can get on with their lives.
We will be keeping at it and will continue to share even more ideas so you can too!

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