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The Government has introduced several payments and supports to support Australians who are financially affected by the COVID-19 crisis but what does it all mean for you? 

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Rules and regulations about where people can go, what they can do and what they should wear have been put in place across Australia to help slow the spread of COVID-19. 

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Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions mean that from midnight tonight (5 August), workplaces across Melbourne must be closed unless the workplace is part of a “permitted activity” or all the employees are working from home.

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These are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from people with a disability in Victoria about COVID-19. IDEAS has helped many people on the phone, and we have put these FAQ here as they might help you too.

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We know there is a lot of confusion out there. This is a list of retail operations that are continuing under stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne.

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These tools can assist a person with disability if they need to go to the hospital. These documents have been developed to help frontline healthcare staff understand the needs of the person with disability when they present to the hospital.

In some situations, wearing a cloth face covering may exacerbate a physical or mental health condition, lead to a medical emergency, or introduce significant safety concerns.  

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Anyone with cold or flu symptoms need to get tested for COVID-19. For some people with disability, this is easier said than done. Here's what we know on the use of home or self-testing kits. Updated 11th August to include call-to-test arrangements in Victoria.

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People with disability are more likely to be 'transport disadvantaged'. In a pandemic, this reality has been amplified. To help slow the spread of COVID-19, the government has asked people to use public transport less.

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The advice on the wearing of face masks has changed as COVID-19 continues to spread. This blog contains information and links to videos about making, wearing and washing face masks; and the lawful reasons that masks need not be worn. Last updated 12th August.