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The Prime Minister has announced measures to try to "flatten the curve" or slow the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 so that State-led health services can remain able to meet demand.

Currently, in countries like Italy, the health systems are beyond capacity and people are dying due to a lack of healthcare interventions being available. To avoid this happening, it is very important to follow the rules put in place by the Government to attempt to combat the steep acceleration of confirmed cases.

New restrictions announced are to limit gatherings to just two people. The two-person limit does not apply to members of the same household. These laws are in place until 29th June. States and territories are introducing penalties, including on the spot fines of $1000 and fines up to $11,000, arrests and incarceration. To see the enforcements as they apply in your state - see State by State

People aged over 70, aged over 60 with pre-existing conditions or Indigenous people aged over 50 should stay home wherever possible for their own protection. 

All travellers returning home from overseas will be quarantined in a hotel or designated facility for 14 days. Visit Smart Traveller for more information.

Evictions will be put on hold for 6 months by the states and territories. Landlords and renters are encouraged to talk about short term agreements. More information to come this week.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrisson, in consultation with State leaders and Chief Medical Officers, has announced further restrictions again. Pubs, licensed clubs and hotels (excluding accommodation), gyms, skateparks, indoor sporting venues, cinemas, beauty salons, play centres and outside playgrounds, places of worship and other public places must be closed. There are restrictions on attendance at weddings, funerals and outdoor fitness classes. Supermarkets and pharmacies remain open.

Takeaway coffee and food are still available at some places, however, strict social distancing rules apply. Indoors, no more than 1 person per 4m2 is permitted and people should remain at least 1.5 metres apart at all times. 1.5 metres is further than you think. Make sure people are at least two or three big steps away from you. 

The Morrison Government will provide a historic wage subsidy to around 6 million workers who will receive a flat payment of $1,500 per fortnight through their employer, before tax. Read more on the $130 billion JobKeeper payment.

The Prime Minister further urged Australians who are able to work from home and keep their children home from school, to do so. Schools do, however, remain open at this stage, which allows essential services to keep operating but is moving towards online learning where possible. 

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In a press conference, the Prime Minister made the new restrictions very simple. 

"Stay home unless it is absolutely essential you go out. Going out for the basics, going out for exercise, perhaps with your partner or family members provided it's a small group, that’s fine. Barbecues of lots of friends or even extended family coming together to celebrate one-year-old birthday parties and all these sorts of things - we can't do those things now.”

It is essential that we all work hard on social distancing, hand hygiene and self-isolation where necessary to slow the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.  

If you do need to cough or sneeze near others, do so into your elbow. However, if you are unwell it is vitally important that you stay home and self-isolate. If you are unwell, wearing a mask may protect others. Everyone needs to wash their hands frequently and should not be sharing utensils, workspaces etc. 

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