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Let’s Yarn
IDEAS believes in Social Justice,
Bronwyn: This image represents the harmony we feel
when we are treated with respect. Respect overrides
Consultation, Integrity and Innovation.
all inequities, as it means people care. You matter.
A community based not-for-profit service
offering a range of information products
and services for people with disability,
older people with disability, their families,
carers and community.
Lester Bostock is a Bundjalung man with
disability who has been at the forefront of
promoting and protecting the human rights of
Aboriginal people with disability in Australia
over several decades. In addition to his
disability advocacy work Lester is widely
recognised as one of the pioneers of Aboriginal
media in Australia, in recognition of this a
scholarship for Aboriginal filmmakers has been
named in his honour. Lester has received
numerous other awards for community service
over the years including a Centenary Medal
and the NSW Law and Justice Foundation
Award for Aboriginal justice. Uncle Lester is
the 2010 NAIDOC Elder of the Year and was
awarded the Australian Medal 2011.
You hold the future of our
community in your hands
Bronwyn: This image encapsulates the joy of life.
Bronwyn: The snake represents the
As humans we need each other as well as a spiritual
regularity of our everyday life. Each day
connection, even unseen.
is a new challenge. We need people
to be there to help us overcome
problems we face.
Everyday some one you
care for might need help
to see, hear, speak up or
get around. They might
need help to dream.
We will listen well.
You can call
We need each other to help
stay smart and strong
1800 029 904
to get the help you want.
Bronwyn: The turtle represent the cleanliness
Have a long strong life.
of fresh water creek and the ability to wash
Your paths for healing for
away a bad day.
your best being, in body,
culture and spirit
1800 029 904
0458 296 602
Bronwyn: This image represents the
We never give up
communication that exists from all areas in
We encourage others
our society. There to assist with change, as
We do our best
a dynamic energy.
Artist: Bronwyn Bancroft. MSA. MVA. Dip of Vis Com.
Bronwyn Bancroft was born in Tenterfield, Northern
New South Wales. Her father, Bill, was Bundjalung,
Djanbun clan and her mother, Dorothy, is Scottish
and Polish.
Bronwyn has been involved heavily in the protection
of artist’s rights, representing artists as a Chairperson
and Board Member for the National & Indigenous Arts
Advocacy Association (NIAAA 1993-1998), Chairperson
of Visual Arts Committee, NSW Ministry of the Arts
(1996) and Council Member of the National Gallery
of Australia (1992-1997). Bronwyn is a current Board
Member of AIME and has been appointed as an
Independent Director to CAL.
1800 029 904
0458 296 602
IDEAS gratefully acknowledges funding from
NSW Human Services - Ageing, Disability & Home Care