Stand By Me Rally and Toolkit

A crowd of people at a demonstration with #StandByMe placcards and flags
Disability advocacy services are stepping up their campaign for permanent funding, with a big rally planned on Sunday 24 February in Sydney to support disability advocacy organisations.“People with disability across NSW are gearing up for the biggest campaign yet, to ensure that our advocacy, representative and information services can continue beyond next year,” said Dean Price, Senior Policy Officer, People with Disability Australia, on behalf of the NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance.

“Disability advocacy funding, for most organisations, will come to an end in less than 18 months from now, but some organisations are facing losing their funding this year. By cutting this funding, the NSW government is neglecting a core piece of disability support infrastructure. It will create a giant gaping hole for millions of people with disability (including family, friends and carers) to fall through if the NSW Government doesn’t change its mind,” said Mr Price.

A new toolkit is now available to help people with disability to go and visit their local MP. It includes tips on ‘How to Get a Meeting with Your MP’ and useful factsheets to help build the Stand By Me campaign. You will also find logos and flyers so you can show your support for people with disability who need advocacy services.

For more information, read the Stand By Me media release

Stand By Me Toolkit can be found here.

You can email the Premier directly by clicking here 

The Stand by Me campaign is run by a coalition of 22 disability advocacy, information and representation organisations in NSW, including IDEAS.

For more information visit the

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