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Speak My Language is a new language program that provides information about healthy ageing to culturally and linguistically diverse seniors and their carers.


Through simple in-language conversations on-air, the project assists senior members of our communities to understand recent changes to aged care, and make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.


Tune in and listen to on a range of ethnic radio stations as the hosts speak to aged care experts and hear from families who share their stories and their secret to ageing well in Australia.


The program was launched in August 2018 in four stages. Stage One began in early 2018 when five states trialled the new on-air radio model on local ethnic radio stations. In the following stages more languages have been added.


Currently the following languages are offered: English, Mandarin, Arabic, Serbian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, Macedonian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Greek, French, Italian, Korean, Khymer, Maltese, Polish, Filipino, German.


The Cafe Conversations in English podcasts are accessible through the Senior Years diamond. Podcasts in other languages can be accessed through the URL provided here.



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