Sinchies reusable pouches

Sinchies reusable food pouches are designed for feeding ”on the run” with no bowl or spoon required. Homemade goodness with store bought convenience!

You can monitor exactly what goes into the reusable pouch, ensuring you and your children receive optimum nutrition that is free from preservatives sugars or additives that are often found in pre-packaged foods.

Your baby has feeding issues and needs a nasogastric tube (NG tube). And, as commonly happens, that baby then grows into a small child who needs to be fed directly into their stomach via a gastronomy tube (G-tube). Working out how to feed a child with a G-tube isn’t easy either.

But Sinchies reusable food pouches can make life that little bit easier. Our products are perfect for use as reusable tube feeding bags, which can give you and your child some extra freedom


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