Power Planning: Making the most of your NDIS Plan

Notebook with handwritten text: PLANNING

Making the most of your NDIS Plan


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds “reasonable and

necessary supports” that help a participant to reach their goals, objectives and

aspirations, and to undertake activities to enable the participant’s social and

economic participation. People with disability who are eligible to participate in the

NDIS will be asked to attend a planning meeting with their Local Area Coordinator

(LAC). The LAC’s role is to support and guide the participant through the planning

process, facilitate the participant’s NDIS package once a plan has been



When preparing for your planning meeting, it is important to consider the following

definitions and tips. Going in to your planning meeting forewarned and forearmed

will help you to make the most of your NDIS package.


Reasonable and necessary supports


As a participant of the NDIS, “reasonable and necessary” supports should:






Ultimately, your plan should be a personally tailored reflection of your goals, needs

and aspirations relating to your disability and must be value for money. Your

supports are unique to you.


5 Top Tips for Power Planning


Remember, “This is all about you!”

  1.  THINK BIG. Prepare prior to planning meeting.  Use our pre-planning booklet to help you to think about your future needs, goals and aspirations.

  2. PREPARATION will EMPOWER you to think about different aspects of your life, support needs, all to enable you to have a life, full of choices and control.

  3. INFORMATION IS POWER. Get information about the NDIS. If in doubt ask. Seek information you require to assist with your NDIS plan. Be opened minded to new changes in your life.

  4. MEET WITH YOUR PLANNER. Build a rapport. Seek informal and formal support when doing your plan preparation. Feel free to contact an independent body to discuss your plan.

  5. THINK about how you would manage your NDIS money or supports. You can choose to self-manage, have the plan agency managed or even a combination of all of these.


What if I disagree with the NDIA's decision?


You can contact the NDIA and ask for your plan to be reviewed. Usually, a review

of a plan happens when there have been big changes to your circumstances or at

your next scheduled plan review.


When the NDIA reviews a participant’s plan it will look at all of the funded supports

in the plan, not just one of them. This helps to make sure there are no gaps in your



You can also ask for an internal review of the decision to approve your statement of participant supports in your plan. This request needs to be made within three

months after you are notified of this decision.


For more information, you can download a copy of our pre-planning by clicking here:


NDIS Pre-planning booklet cover


Information sourced from the IDEAS NDIS Pre-planning Booklet and the NDIS

Reasonable and Necessary Supports Factsheet.



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