NSW Ageing Strategy 80+ Research Report April 2018

In 2015, Ipsos SRI was commissioned by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) to conduct research among 50-60 years to gain a better understanding of this cohort. The focus was on their thoughts about ageing and their perceived future needs in key areas to ensure they are able maintain a good quality of life. More specifically, the areas to be measured included: • Housing; • Health; • Transport; • Employment and retirement; • Volunteering; and • Liveable communities.

In early 2017, FACS commissioned a repeat of this study with two older cohorts: 61-69 year olds and 70-79 year olds. This previous study presented the results for these two new cohorts, and drew comparisons with the 2015 study where appropriate. This report is currently in publication.

In late 2017, FACS commissioned an additional repeat of this study, this time with those aged 80 years or older. The current report presents these new findings and draws comparisons with the three previous age cohorts where appropriate (those aged 50-60, 61-69 and 70-79).

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