IDEAS Pre-Planning Booklet

IDEAS NDIS Planning Workbook

Do you, or someone you know live with a disability? Have you completed your NDIS plan? Do you know if you are even eligible for the NDIS? Do you have questions about your plan and not sure where to go for help? Or are you simply confused by the whole thing?

You need a plan if you want funding (money) from the NDIS. A planner is somebody who can help you, or the person you know, to figure out the best way to work out your NDIS planning goals, and how to achieve these goals through your plan.

The beauty of the NDIS plan is that this is a plan ALL ABOUT YOU.

Thinking about all the different aspects of your life will help you to achieve your future needs, goals and aspirations and will prepare you for your initial meeting with the planner.

When completing your plan, you should think about the following:

  • Your plan should be just about you.
  • You should say what you want in your plan, and you should say what you need in your plan
  • The plan will talk about what you want to happen. The plan will call this your Goals and Aspirations.
  • The plan will say how things will happen. Like learning to cook before you move out of home. Or learning how to travel on a train or bus so that you can get around by yourself.
  • It will talk about things you can buy. Like equipment.
  • It will talk about how much money you can have to pay for people to help you, like support workers. Maybe you need someone to help you get ready to go out each day. Or someone to help you clean your teeth.

Do you need help completing your plan, or help coming up with your goals and aspirations? Download the pre-plan workbook now. 

We also offer independent planning sessions to get the most out of your plan. Contact IDEAS to make an appointment with our planning specialist today.  

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