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Innovation. Independence. Freedom.


These are the values that IDEAS intend to champion by giving a voice to silent heroes within

our community. Their latest social impact project is the Power Blog, scheduled to launch

December 3rd to mark International Day of People with a Disability.


IDEAS are the information experts on disability, focused on partnering with people with

disabilities to provide accessible and relevant information and drive community awareness.

They are working towards a future where people with disabilities live full, independent lives of

their own choosing as equal, valued members of society.


The Power Blog is an Australian First – a platform designed to give power to people with

disabilities by allowing them a space to share their stories and art and get paid for it.

Contributors ranging from writers to illustrators and even filmmakers are invited to pitch their

“power” narratives to IDEAS and successful pieces are commissioned for the platform.


A “power” narrative is about the countless times that this slice of our community has faced a

problem at work, in life, in relationships – in a way that most of us never even have to

consider – and found the courage and the quiet strength to step up and make a difference. It

is about telling their story, in the hopes that it will inspire not only the rest of their community

to find courage, but also increase accessibility and inclusivity for disabled within society.


Diana Palmer, Executive Officer at IDEAS, is one of the biggest supporters of this new

initiative. She said, “Creatives need patronage. The IDEAS Power Blog fits within our

daily values that are all around people with disability making active, informed

decisions for themselves. We look forward to bringing new voices and artists to our



By offering opportunities for paid commissions on a curated site, IDEAS will be able to make

a huge leap in nurturing the aspirations and emerging voices of people with disabilities in a

way that has never been done before. The work will be published on the newly launched site

and promoted across their network and newsletters.


People living with a disability have a powerful message to share. It’s time to listen.


Read Nicole Lu's power blog story:  'Living Life to the Fullest' 

Read Emma Gierschick's power blog story:  'Such a powerful Day'

Please click on the link to read the eligibility criteria.


Media enquiries: Please contact Manning & Co (02 9555 5233,



Information on Disability & Education Awareness Services (IDEAS) provide access to

information and opportunities for people with disability, their supporters and the community to

reach their full potential.

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