Guide to NDIS decision-making

Guide to NDIS decision-making

When a decision can be made by, with, or for an adult with significant cognitive disability. 

Published January 2018.

The aim of this guide is to outline when decision-making support, advocacy and substitute decision-making will be needed for potential and current NDIS participants who have a significant cognitive disability. It does this in the context of each possible decision-making stage within the NDIS participant pathway.

The guide takes account of State/Territory decision-making arrangements (including guardianship, administration/financial management and appointments under enduring powers of attorney) as well as the appointment of plan nominees within the NDIS.

The guide contains a flowchart that outlines a process to assist in determining what decision-making arrangement is appropriate to enable an adult participant to progress along the NDIS participant pathway. It also seeks to promote informal decision-making wherever possible.

A limited number of print copies will be available from the Office of the Public Advocate.

Please email for more information.

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