Christmas Community Lunches - 2018


Table setting for Christmas lunch


The holiday season is a time of celebration and getting together with family and friends, having a nice meal and reconnecting after a busy year.


If times are tough though, Christmas can be a difficult for some people to get through. Feelings of loneliness, depression and isolation can affect people who have little, have experienced family separation, relocation or grief. There are many ways to tackle these feelings. One in particular: is to attend a community event such as a Christmas Lunch or Carols by Candlelight.


This document lists details of events in a variety of locations, both in major cities and some regional areas, being held on or around Christmas Day, Tuesday 25th December 2018.


The list isn’t exhaustive so if there isn’t one listed near you, contact your local council or charity organisations, or our toll free Infoline on 1800 029 904, to find out if there is an event near you.


If you’re likely to be spending Christmas by yourself, without your family and you know it will be hard, think ahead and arrange to attend one of these events if you can. Just being with others and sharing a meal can lift your spirits and make you feel connected and part of the community.


To download the entire list of events around you, please click on Christmas community Lunch


If you need urgent support, contact Lifeline Phone number.  If life is in danger, call 000.

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