Be My Eyes App

Be My Eyes App

Be My Eyes is an online app that allows blind and vision impaired people to request help from a sighted person. It helps to distinguish between household products, reading instructions, or to help with a technical difficulty. The Be My Eyes app is only a click away to help. There are over half a million volunteers worldwide on the Be My App volunteer database.


The person requesting help clicks a button which starts a live video connection between the blind or visually impaired user and the sighted person.


When the person requesting help logs onto the app, there is a button that reads “connect to first available volunteer” which the person taps. Be My Eyes calls a sighted volunteer (who speaks in their language) and establishes a video between the person needing help, through their phone’s camera, and both participants microphones. The sighted volunteer will explain what the thing that the camera is pointed at.


The Be My Eyes app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play.


Information sourced from Be My Eyes and Media Access Australia.



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