Healthcare Equipment

Wheelchair, walker          



Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and other Allied Health


practitioners work together with their expertise and knowledge of the equipment


to provide the most suitable items for a person’s requirements.



Engineers and technicians also work with Allied health professionals to bring


to reality assistive equipment solutions that can help to improve the quality of


life for people in hospital brain and spinal units and other disability locations.




Here the focus is on promoting safety in the home and products for this include:





This can be painful and uncomfortable with stiffness, inflammation and damage


to cartilage in the joints causing weakness, instability, joint deformities and


reduced movement. Just the basic daily tasks of buttoning shirts, tying shoelaces,


preparing a meal or walking around the house can become arduous and affect



a person’s wellbeing. Products to assist include:



Falls prevention


Falls are more prevalent with older people and can result in fractures to hips and



wrists, dislocations, sprains, bruising, head injuries and even fatalities. Medical



history, weight, cognitive impairment, gait disorders and environmental hazards are


all risk factors for falls. When a person is identified to be at risk it is important to



have preventative measures and find products to compliment such measures.



Products include:



Tip:  Keeping homes clutter free and removing other hazardous items can


assist with falls prevention.


For more information call IDEAS on 1800 029 904 .


IDEAS is an organisation that serves people with disabilities to help them live full,


 independent lives with information and education.


Visit or Freecall 1800 029 904. Or find and follow us on 


Facebook at IDEAS Disability Information


LinkedIn at IDEAS Australia or


Twitter at @IDEASAU


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