A Decisive Point of Transformation: Milparinka Service

"I think many significant changes start with a point of transformation... a moment when a light goes on. For Milparinka that switch was flicked over about seven years ago when we came across an interview with Deb Rouget, from Melbourne Australia, who some of you will know. She spoke about the importance of knowing people, dreaming and thinking together to help someone find a life that makes sense. Deb went on to talk about some of the lives of people who had disabilities who she knew and they sounded great. Full of choice, value and included in their communities alongside peers who shared common interests rather than common disabilities. After reading this interview I walked through our building with some of the people I work with, talking to service users and wondering why their lives weren’t as full as those of the people that Deb had spoken about. We asked ourselves a question, “What is getting in the way of the people we know getting individualised and personalised lives like the ones Deb had described?” To our embarrassment, we realised that a lot of what was getting in the way was us."

URL: http://www.resourcingfamilies.org.au/uploads/70239/ufiles/frank-crupi.pdf

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