Accessibility Options

IDEAS are the inclusion experts! We want everyone to be able to access our information in a manner that is appropriate and comfortable for them.

Currently there are two ways to access the accessibility options available on the IDEAS website.


The first option is available on the right hand side of the home page - 


Website toolbox for accessibility


Or at the top right of any other page on the site -

Accessibility Options Toolbar

In order to make the text larger you can click on the Text Size Icon. This will make the text up to two times larger than the wesbite standard. 

The contrast will also change the page to high contrast.




The second option available is click on the Listen button on the top right of any page to access ReadSpeaker.

ReadSpeaker text to speech button

ReadSpeaker is a text to speech application which will speak the website content to you.

For more information on ReadSpeaker please visit




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